5 Reasons its best to cook fresh from scratch for you & you’r munchkins – From Day 1

Let’s imagine the imaginary circle of foods, you know the one. The one with all the reasonably bad foods in one category and the reasonably good foods in the other. Now weather this is the sort of thing to go by is up to you but personally, id go for instinct.

Trust yourself as a parent.

Do what you and only you thinks is best.

My advice is purely the advice and support I was so lucky and grateful to receive, being a young & new mother, making things a little less daunting for me.

Firstly, it’s important to remember do NOT get stressed over this stuff it’s actually pretty easy. It’s not about becoming crazy obsessed with what to avoid, it’s about embracing and celebrating all the delicious foods yourself and your child will discover.

Now I’ll put it bluntly, your childs future / health is most definitely in your hands. There’s no getting away from it. So it’s probably best to just accept it and move on.

So, from day 1 you want to familiarise them with good, nutritious foods. Grow some tomatoes ( the easiest things ever to grow) let them pick their own, and if their not able to, literally just make them available.

The variety of beautiful colours and textures you get from all kinds of vegetables, will give nothing but pleasure to them.

The sense of accomplishment and sheer delight when you prepare wholesome, fresh food for them will be worth it, I promise.

& If you don’t like veg, just watch as they learn and grow to absolutely love and demolish them.

So here’s the 5 main reasons why it’s best for you and your little humans:

1. Quite simply, home made food just tastes better. Prepacked baby food nowadays are pretty good, if you go for the right one’s (be careful). But all are relatively bland and sludgy in my opinion. It’s like giving the pizza from the night before a quick wizz and then serving it.

2. Making your own food means you are in control! You judge the freshness, taste, ingredients, you know what’s gone in and what hasn’t. Take charge momma. Your little one will thank you for it, and you’ll most definitely thank yourself. Us mothers deserve an occasional tap on our own backs now and again for how awesome we are.

3. It’s all round cheaper, people have the idea that to make a healthy meal your spending ridiculous amounts. This is a horrible myth and is most definitely WRONG. Your paying for raw invredients, not packaged/manufactured products. You can save money by cooking fresh too, by freezing leftovers etc.

4. If your cooking for the family or yourself and your child, which is the practical option. They get to eat what you eat and the connection you’ll both feel is ammense. Sharing meals is very much important in establishing good eating habits.

Healthy baby = a healthy you

5. Cooking is one of the most naturally creative and inspiring things you can do for yourself and your child. With a day filled with utter chaos and mayhem from childcare or work or whatever demands life throws at you. Cooking a warm and loving meal (this does not mean spectacular, we are not preffesional cooks here just mothers, with hearts) in the kitchen and then sharing it with your loved one’s, brings valuable focus and fulfilment to you all.

Dont have the time?

Find it.

You’ll love it.

& so will they.How do you find cooking from scratch? Is it convenient for you as a family? Do you love it as much as I do? Let me know in the comments.


Nature vs The Modern Day World

So as a newbie to the blogging world, I’ve decided to begin with something so very simple and that’s just the meaning of my personal yet, not so personal blog to be.

As you can see my logo is a picture of my daughter, Aiyana. She’s 2 and is the most busiest, healthiest, demanding thing you can ever imagine. Its hard, and I mean hard, if your someone who hasn’t got the mental agility to handle situations of intense screaming and moaning constantly over things such as not being able to pull a sock of quick enough, then please think DEEPLY about having one of your own.playingBut the most remarkable thing about being a mother set aside the poo & pee tolerance you acquire after a while, is the chance you get to watch your child grow, independently, their minds, so close to nature yet so far away.

This is because we don’t give them the chance to perform things their own way, I try to remind myself, that through instincts, we learn.We do not and should not learn through the mother next door, who won’t let her child play in the mud because it’s ‘disgusting behaviour’ with the  idea that a child should be cared for, not left to run riots.

This is not neglect, and you can hardly call a child a rioter.                                                             It’s natural, and a natural lifestyle is one of the BEST things for your children, take their shoes of, let them run naked, let them be free to pick as many flowers and bugs as they want. Obviously try to watch they don’t eat one, but who even cares? It’s where we are from, we are nature, embrace it, don’t shy away from it because of modern-day opinions and judgements. Watch their personalities grow into confident, eager, wild little lions.

You got a clean and tidy baby? well good for you!

So have I, for 0.5 minutes of the day.

My passion just like many others is, nature. Isn’t it just the most amazing  and satisfying thing an individual can ever encounter. Many would say we take it for granted, or we don’t look after it and the worlds going to end bla bla bla.

Although it’s important to ensure we preserve nature and its species to the best of our ability e.g recycling etc ;

What I want to get through to my readers is that we are not doing enough to make the most out of the magnificent sources of the earth we live in.We don’t trust in it, this is due to a huge amount of lack of knowledge and generations of certain beliefs being passed down to one and another. The world around us is developing day by day, through the use of prescription drugs (antibiotics), birth control e.g the implant, ‘miracle’ creams and potions, sleeping tablets & keep me awake for 7 weeks tablets. (steroids, big no no )

If we do trust in it, the majority of us purchase uncertified products unlikely to make much of a difference, i can’t stress the importance in buying products with 100% or 98-99% quantity of natural, un-harmful content (usually plant-based).

We rely on these things to help run our lives more smoothly and to help us when were unable to help ourselves.



But what if we can help ourselves? What if I told you that there were other ways to fight your infection or your rash or even your unsettling, troubled mind.

Have we all become to reliant on these potentially harmful and ‘unnatural’, in most instances ‘unnecessary’ products of our every day life? Throughout my journey as a blogger I will answer these questions but concentrating not only on the harmful products of our generation but the other aspects of our lives and of our children’s lives that may or may not be affected, that’s up to you though.

No one can tell you what to do with your own children or your own body, its your life, make it whatever you want. But to be able to weigh up the good and the bad is something we all, as humans should try to understand, i think its important to highlight the perceptions and ideas people have, regarding certain lifestyle choices.

For example, tap water, generations of efficient running water which we are all massively lucky to have, im sure. But is it pure, is it actually clean?

The most important source in order for our survival and for our bodies to thrive, should we not be worried what else is in it? is that little expense (spring and/or mineral water) to ensure its purity and cleanliness not worth it?

Follow my blog for a more in-depth analysis and possible conclusion to this unpopular question.  Why is it unpopular? because it’s water, practically endless amounts of it flowing through our taps, individuals from less advantaged countries walk miles for this luxury.

‘Ungrateful’, ‘snooty’ or just careful?

bottled water