Quinoa. The ‘Super’ Seed.

I’ve come across a few posts now of the many benefits of this magnificent seed. When cooked they transform into something of a puffy cous cous . Delightful to say the least & very earthy.

My two year old and I tried it for the first time today. Was interesting. She made a funny face but I’m sure she will grow to love it if I introduce it to her more often.

People like to see it as an alternative to rice.

A very wise alternative to rice I must say. It’s also popular with salads.

Just google it, you’ll be surprised what can be done with it!

Can’t believe I never knew about it, the more I grow in the world of healthy living, the more I unravel these wondrous secret ‘super’ foods which some, are completely oblivious exist.

We need to embrace these different sources. & not just go for what we’re used too.

Try New things, give it a go! What’s the worst that can happen eh?

That way our palates will open to all kinds of foods. & it’s a win win as along as it’s a healthy win! 😁😂

Check out this video, explaining the benefits of quinoa.



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